Starfleet Ships of the Line

May 25 2016 - 22:59 UTC by GiledPallaeon
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This is a basic attempt to port elements of Star Trek Starfleet starships and other elements of that canon into the Armada system in a balanced and workable way. If cross-universe combat is not your thing, please move along. Otherwise, this is the first set, composed exclusively of Starfleet starships. Comments, critiques, and feedback are most welcome. A minor note: a Trekkie may notice I have upped the size class of many of these warships from the traditional Armada brackets. This is mostly for a feel and playability perspective, as only so many ships can be shoehorned into a size class before it becomes cramped. Without this upgrade, only the largest members of Starfleet enter the Medium size range, but now Sovereigns and Galaxies make up the Starfleet line of battle, just as Imperial-class Star Destroyers and Mon Calamari cruisers did for their respective governments.Ready for Test:Akira-class Escort Carrier and Heavy Escort (M)Ambassador-class Exploration Cruiser and Heavy Cruiser (L)Constitution-class Exploration Cruiser and Refit (S)Danube-class RunaboutsDefiant-class Escort and Strike Refit (S)Excelsior-class Line Cruiser and Combat Retrofit (M)Galaxy-class Exploration Cruiser and Dreadnought Retrofit (L)Nebula-class Exploration Cruiser and Refit Cruiser (M)Peregrine-class Fighter SquadronsPrometheus-class Advanced Escort and Prototype Escort (M)Sovereign-class Exploration Cruiser and Flagship Cruiser (L)Vesta-class Multi-Mission Explorer and Reconnaissance Explorer (L)Forthcoming:Intrepid-class Explorer (S)Miranda-class Light Cruiser (S)Luna-class Reconnaissance Science Vessel (M)Nova-class Science Vessel (S)


Jul 13 2016 - 21:43 UTC
Anyone with thoughts for commander ideas for the five captains or other notable characters are welcome to chime in.