Imperial Outer Rim World Expansion Pack

Jan 13 2017 - 00:24 UTC by TheMagicWombat
Edited Jan 30 2017 - 01:20 UTC by TheMagicWombat
The absolutely necessary expansion pack for any Imperial commander wishing to control some backwater Outer Rim world. Lead the fleet with your powerful Artiquens-class Command Cruiser (maybe even the Centicore, Hand of Justice, Scorch, or the Impressor?), backed up by devastating VT-49 Decimators and the incredible fleet support power of your Gozanti-class Cruisers. In addition, three TIE Fighter and two TIE Bomber squadrons will be there to back your forces up.This expansion is optimized for a version of Armada that I like to play -- "quickplay," where the two players construct their fleets using only 200 fleet points. It makes for an interesting, hard fought match where every little point counts. Obviously, using the cards in this pack, the rule "The fleet cannot spend more than one third of its fleet points on squadrons," as stated on Page 22 of the rulebook, doesn't apply.Full Disclaimer: I am absolutely not taking credit for anyone else's work contained in this Expansion Pack. I put it in because I respect and admire you and your work.


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