Ton-Falk class Escort Carrier

Mar 8 2018 - 10:27 UTC by DScipio
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Ton-Falk-class escort carrierProduction informationManufacturerKuat Drive YardsModelEscort carrierClassCarrierCost3,500,000 creditsTechnical specificationsLength500 metersHeight/depth150 metersMaximum acceleration4 MGLT/sMGLT13 MGLTHyperdrive ratingClass 1.0Backup Class 8.0ShieldingRated 1600 SBDHullRated 912 RU[Navigation systemNavigation computer equippedArmamentTaim & Bak H8 dual laser cannons (10)Krupx Munitions VL-6 warhead launch system60 medium concussion missilesComplementTIE Series starfighters (72)Various support craft (usually 6 shuttles)CrewCrew (3,505)Gunners (20)Minimum crew1,500Passengers800 troopsCargo capacity5,000 metric tonsConsumables1 yearEra(s)Rise of the Empire eraRebellion eraNew Republic eraAffiliationGalactic Empire[1]Alliance to Restore the RepublicThe Ton-Falk-class escort carrier was a transport ship designed to carry Imperial starfighters.A standard Imperial chute system provided for rapid deployment of TIE Series starfighters and an onboard hangar allowed for minor repairs. The escort carrier was the smallest vessel that could carry a full wing of starfighters (6 squadrons of up to 72 craft). The ship also carried six shuttles, and could carry four more for each fighter squadron removed.Armament included 10 Taim & Bak H8 dual laser cannons and 1 Krupx VL-6 warhead launch system. Though a capital ship, it was poorly armed and protected relative for its size, so it stayed to the rear of battle for its own safety while allowing its TIE fighters to engage the enemy.


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