Black Squadron

Mar 14 2016 - 15:57 UTC by Viperous
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The Black Squadron, formed by Darth Vader, was a band of elite TIE pilots. This squad was used to defend the Death star against the Rebel fighters during the Battle of Yavin.The 6 that fought during the battle were lead by Vader himself. They were extremely outnumbered, but fought admirably. Backstabber was shot down by Solo just before the destruction of the battlestation itself, with Mauler also a few seconds later with his fighter crashing into the trench wall. His actions unknowingly saved Vader.Dark Curse was destroyed by Wedge Antilles as he was pursuing Luke Skywalker. It is unknown what happened to the remainder although Villian defected and Wampa survived also.Edit. Actually Tanbris had been injured so was present on the Death Star as a tactical officer. He died.


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