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A small update
Hey folks,I took some time to make a few changes. For one, I've updated a few things on the Print Queue page. I've also changed it so that Faction Tokens and Defense Tokens are pre-rendered PDFs. Less load on the server when you want to print your tokens.I've also tweaked the sizes of some ship and squadron dials. Bear in mind that the images you get from here are still 1/4 inch large in each direction than you expect (that is a 1/8th bleed on the left, right, top, and bottom).
More changes have been made.
Welcome back, folks.As you might have seen, I've made a few changes to KDY. From an aesthetic standpoint, I've move a few menu items around from the left menu bar to the top user bar - nothing is missing, its just moved. I've also re-designed a few of the card layouts to be a bit more inline with official cards - primarily point-value and upgrade type placement. Also, the faction icon on an upgrade card will not replace the upgrade type. This means that you can now see what kind of upgrade card a Rebel upgrade card is without flipping it over.From a more user-interface perspective, I've started laying some groundwork on the fleet builder. For now, all that you can get to is your personal inventory. For now you can indicate how many of a given expansion (or cards / ships, etc if you've got individuals) you have bought. When the fleet builder comes along, you will be able to restrict your choices based on what cards you actually have. More news on the fleet-builder will be incoming sometime next month (I'm going to be in England for some time, so chances are I won't be able to work on it for a bit).Additionally, if you haven't figured it out, you can now filter out more than one parameter in a given section. This means that you can now filter upgrades by upgrade type AND by faction and so on instead of searching for just one of those parameters at a time.We've also got a neat chat room for those of us who just want to kick up your feet and chill out.
Wave 3 Announcement
That's right folks, wave three has been announced. Now, at this point, we don't know how many items will be in it, or even what the final stats will be. That being said, once each of the items hit the stores, I will be making additions to the shipyards to include the new official content, including the new upgrade type. For now, please be patient and refrain from posting speculation versions of the content in wave 3.
Silhouette Requests to be made
Evening folks,For those of you who aren't aware, our very own cynanbloodbane has been hard at work uploading ship and squadron silhouettes for everyone's use. If you have any requests for ones that you don't see just yet, feel free to shoot him a message and he'll see what he can do.You can also tag any creation that needs a silhouette.#Needs Silhouette
A small UI streamline
Morning folks,Today, during my lunch break at work, I'm going to be changing a handful of things. For one, I'm going to remove the "In Need Of Art" filtering for Squdarons, Upgrades, and Ships. From here on out, if you want to flag things as needing art, tag it with #Needs Art, or #Needs New Art. Maybe some charitable souls will help us out.

We welcome our newest users: Cal Duran, TheFreeMarket, Tom0001, Lnlreaper, Drew
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