Hyperlane Raid

Oct 14 2016 - 18:09 UTC by Admin
Edited Apr 24 2017 - 00:03 UTC by Admin
Fantasy Flight Games
Point Value
Type / Priority
Campaign (Primary)
The 3' edges of the play area become the player edges. The second player places all obstacles. Obstacles must be placed beyond 2 range ruler lengths of both players edges, and beyond distance 1 of other obstacles.
Special Rules
The second player assigns a total of 4 objective tokens to his ships or squadrons. He must assign them to ships, if able, and no ship or squadron can have more than 1. The first player gains 1 victory token for each objective token that cannot be assigned.When a ship or squadron with an objective token is destroyed, the first player gains 1 victory token.
End of Game
The second player gains 1 victory token for each ship (not squadron) with an objective token within 2 range ruler lengths of the first player's edge. The first player's team gains 20 resource points per victory token he gained. The winner's team also gains 40 resource points. If scores are equal, the first player wins.


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