Show of Force

Oct 14 2016 - 18:18 UTC by Admin
Fantasy Flight Games
Point Value
Type / Priority
Campaign (Primary)
Place obstacles as normal, excluding the station. Then, the second player places 2 stations in the setup area. Each station must be beyond distance 1 of all obstacles and beyond distance 3 of both player's edges. Both stations are unarmed stations; place both Unarmed Station cards near the second player's ship cards.
Special Rules
The first player's ships and squadrons cannot resolve an unarmed station's effect to discard damage cards or recover hull points when they overlap it.
End of Game
The second player gains 1 victory token for each unarmed station that is not destroyed. The first player games 1 victory token and his team gains 40 resource points for each station that is destroyed. The winner's team also gains 40 resource points if he wins the game.


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