Hyperlane Raid (Bulk Freighter Edition)

Feb 24 2017 - 21:39 UTC by Drasnighta
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Point Value
Type / Priority
Campaign (Primary)
The 3' edges of the play area become the player edges. The second player places all obstacles. Obstacles must be placed beyond 2 range ruler lengths of both player edges, and beyond distance 1 of other obstacles.
Special Rules
The second player places a Bulk Freighter (Hyperlane Raid) card next to his other ship cards. He then places 4 Blank Small bases in his deployment Zone to represent the Bulk Freighters.
End of Round
The Second Player Must perform a Maneuver with each Bulk Freighter. This can be a speed 1, 2 or 3 maneuver, can be different for each freighter, and each turn. The second player is to reference the Bulk Freighter (Hyperlane Raid) Ship card for the Maneuver options.
End of Game
The second player gains 1 victory token for each Bulk Freighter with an objective token within 2 range ruler lengths of the first player's edge. The first player's team gains 20 resource points per victory token he gained. The winner's team also gains 40 resource points.
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