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Point Value
Type / Priority
Ploy (Secondary)
Before deployment, mark one ship with an Objective token.
End of Game
You must complete the game without your Objective ship having been destroyed or disengaged.
Secondary Objective Assignment:After a Mission has been selected roll a blue die. On a result, refer to the Times of War section and roll again. On an result, refer to the Ploys section and roll again. On a result, refer to the Chance section and roll again. Result: The (+/-) value is added to the Margin of Victory if you complete/fail your secondary objective, respectively. Both players adjust the total based on the outcome of their secondary objectives. Ex. a battle ends in a 6-4 victory for player 1, but they have failed to destroy or reduce enough ships below half their hull value when assigned the 'All Ahead Full' secondary objective. Player 2 successfully completes the 'Comrades' secondary objective. As a result, the battle result becomes 4-6 for Player 1. Campaign Note:Victory Points are calculated as usual with the following exception: ships that end their turn off the table count as Disengaged rather than destroyed. A ship that has lost more than half their hull points counts as Crippled. Crippled and Disengaged ships are worth a number of Victory Points equal to 25% of their fleet points rounded up, unless otherwise noted.
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