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Point Value
Type / Priority
Chance (Secondary)
After all obstacles have been placed, you may select up to 2 and move each up to distance 2.
Secondary Objective Assignment:After a Mission has been selected roll a blue die. On a result, refer to the Times of War section and roll again. On an result, refer to the Ploys section and roll again. On a result, refer to the Chance section and roll again. Result: The (+/-) value is added to the Margin of Victory if you complete/fail your secondary objective, respectively. Both players adjust the total based on the outcome of their secondary objectives. Ex. a battle ends in a 6-4 victory for player 1, but they have failed to destroy or reduce enough ships below half their hull value when assigned the 'All Ahead Full' secondary objective. Player 2 successfully completes the 'Comrades' secondary objective. As a result, the battle result becomes 4-6 for Player 1. Campaign Note:Victory Points are calculated as usual with the following exception: ships that end their turn off the table count as Disengaged rather than destroyed. A ship that has lost more than half their hull points counts as Crippled. Crippled and Disengaged ships are worth a number of Victory Points equal to 25% of their fleet points rounded up, unless otherwise noted.
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