Scarif Shield Gate Assault

Sep 6 2017 - 18:27 UTC by CaptainNemo
Edited Oct 8 2017 - 08:22 UTC by CaptainNemo
Point Value
Type / Priority
Assault (Primary)
The Imperial Player may set 1 ship aside. All other imperial ships must deployed before the rebel player and at speed 0.The only obstacle is the Scarif Shield Gate deployed by the imperial player.All rebel ships gain a token.
Special Rules
When a ship is destroyed while overlapping the Shield Gate, the gate is destroyed as well.If the Gate is destroyed, place an objective token in distance 1 of it.When a rebel ship reveals a command in distance 1 of that token it may be assigned to that ship.In the 4th round the imperial player may deploy the set aside ship in distance 1 - 2 of any friendly ship.
End of Game
If the ship with the objective token is out of firing range from any enemy ship or the imperial fleet including the shield gate is destroyed the rebels win the game. If the rebel fleet is destroyed or an imperial ship is in firing range of the ship with the objective token the imperials win the game.
A "Rebel Only" objective,i kinda have the feeling that the scenario is unbalanced but i am not quite sure
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Sep 7 2017 - 09:59 UTC
What kind of obstacle is the Shield Gate then? Does it do damage to ships that overlap it?