Base Evacuation

Mar 8 2018 - 00:59 UTC by gsulzman72
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Garrett Sulzman
Point Value
Type / Priority
Defense (Primary)
The 3' edges of the play area become the player edges. Each player's deployment zone is within 2 range ruler lengths of his edge. The planet-side player assigns 1 objective token to each of his ships and 1 objective token to this card.
Special Rules
When an objective ship is boarded, the attacker may choose to remove the ship boarded rather than resolving the effect on the card. That player receives the objective token.When an objective ship is destroyed, discard the objective token."Our first catch of the day." or "The first transport is away!" - The player that wins the first objective token, receives the objective token from the objective card.
End of Game
Players gain 1 victory token for each objective token and may add the fleet points of any cards equipped to objective ships.
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