Procursator-class Star Destroyer

Jan 19 2017 - 01:35 UTC by Klank
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Point Value
Ship Size
Medium - 95°/70° Split (1/8 aft)
Ship Class
Procursator-class Star Destroyer
Speed Chart
Upgrade Slots
Defense Tokens
The Procursator-class Star Destroyer was often called the Pocket Star Destroyer: it could out gun any ship that could catch it and out run any ship that could out gun it. Procursator-class Star Destryer was similar in appearance to the Imperial-class Star Destroyer. Designed with many of the systems and advancements found int the Imperial II-class it was a formidable ship and often underestimated because of it being slightly shorter, at 1200 meters in length, than an Imperial-class ship.. The Procursator-class was built with a reactor dome that jutted out on the ventral side of the vessel and covered with protective armor, similar to other Imperial warships. The design was propelled by three large thrusters giving the vessel a top sublight speed of 65 MGLT. The T-shaped bridge tower was similar to the command tower on other Imperial Star Destroyer designs, like the Imperial-class. Much like the T-shaped tower on the contemporary Victory-class, it was smaller in scale than the modular KDY tower on the Imperial-class.While lightly armored the Procursator-class used its speed, superior shielding and maneuvering to engage ships larger and more powerful than itself. The ship was well armed for its size, even out gunning an ISD when power was diverted to the weapons at the expense of speed. Its reactor, while powerful, could only generate about 60% of the power needed to power its combat systems when the ship was at top speed. As a result, the guns were usually "stepped down" with the main guns generating 110 teratons of power per shot in normal combat operations. Three Large Quad Heavy Turbolaser Barbettes mounted just forward of the Command Superstructure provide the Procursator-class with enough power to stand its ground against any vessel fielded by the Alliance. Four Heavy Torpedo tubes are located on the forward firing arch of the superstructure; two to each side of center line and the axial heavy batteries. A Double Heavy Turbolaser Turret is located on the lower ventral hull where the hanger bay would generally be. Four Double Heavy Ion Cannons are located along the rim trench sections two forward and two aft on each side of the ship. Four double Turbolaser cannon turrets are mounted on each flank of the superstructure. Twenty Turbolaser and Ion Cannons are places in Batteries of five on the Ventral and Dorsal Hull. Eight Quad Laser Cannons give the Procursator its Anti-fighter and anti-projectile defensive capabilities. Six Tractor Beam Projectors are used to capture enemy craft and assist in fighter and shuttle recovery. Twenty four Starfighters are stored and launched from a small hanger forward of the lower weapons mount.Special Rule: The yellow dice represent red dice that can only be fired if the ships speed is two or less. This is my first second ship build... a fast moving, hard puncher with strong shields protecting a rather fragile hull (7 points). I'm seeing if Mel will make this ship for me (us). Comments welcomed; encouraged in fact.

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Jan 19 2017 - 19:50 UTC
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I agree with CadetBrick, the yellow dice are a very good idea. However, its squadron value should definitely only be 1 -- this ship was never shown or said to have any hangar or fighter complement. Also, I think its point value should be up around 110-115. But overall very nice! Keep at it!Also, one little pet peeve thing -- make the "Procursator" in the title italicized.
Jan 19 2017 - 01:57 UTC
I feel like this would still replace an Imperial class star destroyer... In fact it's basically better than an ISD. I would recommend that this ship fit in between a Vic and a ISD, in both price and capabilities. I would think since this is a picket vessel, It's squadron value should be no more than 1 or 2 if it's emphasis is on firepower.The mechanic for the yellow die is very clever. Definitely can give a player options for their play style.