Carrack-class Light Cruiser

Feb 9 2017 - 00:12 UTC by TheMagicWombat
Edited Feb 14 2017 - 22:28 UTC by TheMagicWombat
Point Value
Ship Size
Small - 120° Broadsides (1/8 aft)
Ship Class
Carrack-Class Light Cruiser
Speed Chart
Upgrade Slots
Defense Tokens
Yes, I know that it's been made before, but this is my own interpretation of it.I'm bored, so I'm gonna make a whole Carrack-class Light Cruiser Expansion Pack; which is going to basically be just a ton of title cards and maybe a few upgrades for it.Because reasons.


Feb 14 2017 - 19:54 UTC
That's a good idea. I'll playtest it tomorrow.
Feb 14 2017 - 19:35 UTC
There's always that ONE artist who messes it up for everyone else.65 is a start, but to be fair, keep going. You have the Shields and Firepower of a Victory Star Destroyer. Half the Hull, but twice the Speed, 4 times the Anti-squadron dice (none of the stock ships has more than 2), and only 1 Command dial compared to Victory's 3. The cheapest Victory is 73 points. I think at 75 points you still have an incredibly potent value. Somewhere in the 80s or even 90s might be more appropriate. Somewhere on the interweb, people have reverse engineered the pricing formulae for building ships and the other cards. I don't have one, and really should get one.In lieu of that, consider being the recipient of the ship you're creating. Would it be fun to play against, or would you feel like you were being abused? Try it out with a buddy. Let him fly a few against you. Let him try to break it with horrendous combos. If you finish that and feel like you should have been offered lubrication, then some tweaking is in order. Playtesting is the best deciderfier.
Feb 14 2017 - 00:45 UTC
Yeah, the Empire definitely should have done that, lol.The glass in the front would be about a story tall, but someone messed it up on one drawing, and people just went with it. (I can't remember where I read that...)As for the price, maybe 65 points would be more appropriate? But I don't think it's that far off...
Feb 13 2017 - 23:58 UTC
Wow. I just read up on the Carrack ( in order to drop some ideas into your contest (a very cool idea). What a horrible ship! I don't mean your representation of it. I think you've specked it out pretty much as described. But what were they thinking when they wrote that up? It's basically a mini-super star destroyer. A fraction of the crew and cost of a regular star destroyer, why wouldn't the Empire just crank these babies out like TIE fighters and send dozens to subjugate every single planet in the known galaxy? Also, the scale of the think is so ridiculously off based on the glass on the front, unless they actually have a window - on a warship - that's 10 stories tall. That said, as I mentioned, I think you've put it together as described, but I think your squadron value should be 1, and I think you need to increase the cost significantly. At 55 points, this thing is amazing. Give me 5 of them. There's no need to take anything else.