USS Northampton (class) CA

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Special rules:Radar TargetingThe Northampton Class Cruisers are one of the more influential designs for cruisers built by the United States Navy leading up to World War 2 and post war. The ships were produced under the guidelines of 1922's Washington Naval Treaty which not only limited the tonnage of ship classes, for all nations participating, but also denied nations from building battleships for a decade. So in the 1920s the United States Navy needed ships, and without battleships able to be built, the cruisers became the focal point of America's new Navy. The Northampton's began life in 1927. The first 3 ships of the class were designed as Division Flagships, while the last 3 ships in the class were designed as Fleet Flagships, having their forecastle height extended in the rear. The class was designed to overcome the issues with the proceeding Pensacola Class cruisers the Navy had produced earlier in the decade. The Northampton's had to overcome two obstacles presented from the earlier Pensacola, and the first of which was armament. While the Pensacola class would end up with 10 barrels pointed at the enemy, instead of the Northampton's 9, the Navy wasn't particularly fond of the intermixing of turrets. While the two triple barreled and two double barreled 8 inch gun turrets on the Pensacola's would give her more fire power, the 3 triple barreled 8 inch turrets on the Northampton's significantly reduced her weight, and further allowed the Navy to increase her armor and protection, which was their second goal with the new cruiser class. This triple barreled design would become the standard arrangement for all US cruisers from the Northampton's onward.Now outside of her revolutionary turret configuration for the USN, the Northampton's also had some other standard setting features. The ships were the first in the Navy to install bunks instead of hammocks. While this cost the the ships a little space for open air areas for the crew, and weather shelter, it did set the standard for crew living quarters which can even be seen today on the bunks of even our most modern aircraft carriers. The Northampton's were also the first to have hangars for their catapult launched aircraft, allowing the ships mechanics to safely repair her planes away from the elements. The ship was designed to carry 4 planes, but only 2 were generally kept during war time.The ships initially replaced the older battleships as part of a scouting force, and where used to protect the new fast USN carriers that were being developed at the time with their top speed of 32 knots.Stats:Class: Heavy CruiserSpeed: 32 knotsArmament: - 9 x 8"/55 caliber guns arranged in 3 triple turrets. 2 forward, 1 aft.- 8 x 5"/25 caliber guns arranged 4 to each side between the rear turret and the hanger- 6 x 21" torpedo tubes - Removed prior to the war and replaced with AA guns- 24 x 40mm Bofor guns arranged in pairs of 4.- 28 x 20mm Oerlikon Canons Ships in Class:CA-26 USS NorthamptonCA-27 USS ChesterCA-28 USS LouisvilleCA-29 USS ChicagoCA-30 USS HoustonCA-31 USS AugustaClassed as a Armored Cruiser due to her gun size by Treaty, technically a CL.FaceBook page: WWII Armada Mod

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