X-wing Squadron

Sep 9 2017 - 20:01 UTC by Green Knight
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Green Knight
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Part of Green Knight's Infinities, my "What if" Vassal SW: Armada extension.CHANGESThe X-wing is the most iconic of all Rebel fighters and deserves a place in most, if not all, rebel fleets. Looking at the vanilla version, however, I see a rather overcosted squadron. X-wing déjà vu anyone? Even back in wave 1 it felt kind of overpriced. It had Escort - which could be important - and decent anti-squad, but that red bomber dice was just too fickle and speed was too slow to compete with A-wings and Imperial squadrons. Various attempts have been made to make the X-wing great again (pun intended), with mixed results. Working with AFFM, BCC, Yavaris etc. it's gotten quite good, but almost every other squadron benefits just as much. Norra can make those red crits pack a punch, but again, this isn't unique to the X-wing. Which reduces the X-wing to something that only works with the Biggs/Jan combo, possibly with Gallant Haven for some truly silly synergistic effects.Speed: Increased by 1 to 4. Battery: Swap red for a black.Cost: Unchanged at 13 pts. Speed boost and stronger bomber die makes the X-wing well worth the points.Infinities X-wing is both faster and a more reliable bomber than before. This should be the Rebel go-to squadron, not only for the Escort keyword, but also the unique combination of speed and durability, mix of space superiority and bombing, all wrapped into an affordable package. No longer is the X-wing utterly reliant on a mass semi-op synergies to be effective. Add to this the greater squadron command flexibility in general, and you've got yourself a premium squadron. Version: 2.3

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